Gifts and Siren

Hey Folks,

Don’t consider this a plug, more a word of advice. If you’re in the Boston area, head on down to the Newbury Comics at Government Center soon; they’re liquidating their supply of everything before their move to Faneuil Hall and putting everything on sale. But, get there sooner than later before everything is sold out.

I’ll have to leave it at that. Be prepared for plenty of allusions to emo in seemingly separate culture happenings. As for now, I must pack for Siren Music Festival!

2008 Siren Music Festival poster

2008 Siren Music Festival poster

Enjoy the weekend!

PS, a little update:

Be sure the check out the Watchmen trailer, which just hit the internet recently. As I mentioned in my post about comic books, I absolutely love this graphic novel, and I cannot wait for the movie to come out. Although most book-to-movie adaptations can never achieve the same depth as its inspirational basis, Zach Snyder is clearly the best choice to direct this film; that man understands how to integrate comic book imagery onto film in a near-flawless manner, and the trailer shows it. Here’s one of many YouTube Watchmen trailer postings (though it may not work once Warner Brothers finds it):


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