Gas Prices Going Once, Twice, Again!

Not a day goes by that a handful of articles on rising gas prices are written by our trusted news sources (usually in conjunction with stories on the economy). It’s just one tale in a long line of “worst evers” that are plaguing our current society. I can’t say from personal experience if this is indeed a collection of the worsts in the world at any given moment, but it’s always good to keep a positive spin on things.

gas prices get worse and worse

gas prices get worse and worse

However, it’s times like these when one may feel the need to cast off from our society. In what may be the biggest stretch of my imagination, I can say that the current gas scenario reminds me of a little ditty called “St. Petersburg” by the UK band Dartz! It’s beyond the simple idea to flee society on a whim, but the mundane ideals that seem to construct our society that drive one to the point of leaving one’s life. And that’s all connected to gas with the following lyrics:

I don’t feel exalted driving Japanese cars

For some reason that line just jumps out and grabs me by the ear, screaming “this is brilliant!” in the way that only a select number of other artists and writers can do. That beautiful lyricism seems to capture the best moments of the band and stick in the back of my head, rearing themselves every so often.

Such as when I read news stories about the rising cost of gas.

A trio from a small part of the UK, Dartz! caught my attention when I saw them open for Hot Club de Paris over a year ago in London. I was immediately enthralled by their performance – this trio of gawky looking British kids bashing out hip-shaking, late 90s DC-inspired emo was immediately accessible. I didn’t know a damn word of any song, but I felt compelled to shout along to the lyrics… or try anyway. The band wears its influences proudly on its sleeve – their myspace page declares “Washington, DC” an influence, and you can certainly hear it – but they certainly have their own voice. Mixing a self-aware sense of “British-ness” (most noticeably contained in their vocals), cunning and observant lyrics, more angularity than a right triangle, and the nearest thing to math rock that emo knows, Dartz! are the UK’s Dismemberment Plan. But they’re also entirely their own, separate and unique entity.

Dartz! live

Dartz! live

And so, after being inspired to re-listen to Dartz! after a brief-foray into the doomsday news day, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the band had their own bit of news… and good at that. The group is set to release a mini-album, entitled The Sad History of the Village of Alnerique, this coming September. Who knows when it will be available stateside. But until then, I’ll be more than happy to continually replay their debut, This Is My Ship, and ponder any and all positive movements.

Dartz! – St. Petersburg video:


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