DNC DNC Revolution

I think the most humorous moments of this year’s Democratic National Convention weren’t anywhere near the stage. It was in those precious seconds and minutes where the camera would pan the crowds in Denver and pick up some really unfortunate dance moves.

And you wonder why one of the favorite pastimes of white folks is not dancing at concerts. Although the Stuff White People Like piece was mostly made in reference to snide hipsters everywhere, it does encompass a little bit of emo, where the only acceptable form of dancing comes in the guise of moshing – where people really get hurt. Looking at the footage of gangly, awkward movements on the part of DNC-goers, there’s no question as to why people don’t want to dance at events such as that. If you let your guard down, you could wind up looking like an idiot. But, it’s better to have fun at the expense of your image every so often than let your “cool” factor get the best of you. I mean, hey, look at this pundit:

Now there’s some emotion.

… Last, but not least, this dude probably thought he escaped the glare of the cameras in the DNC. Oh the omnipresence of technology.


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