Down on the farm…

This is far from new, but you’ve got to give these folks credit; clearly a lot of work went into their interpretation of emo. And clearly it is a bit old – especially for pop standards. Had it been made in the past year or two, they’d probably trade Bright Eyes quips for hacks at Hawthorne Heights. The confusion between hipster and “emos” is again quite apparent. And right there is the problem with trying to pin down emo with definition, and partially why some clear semblance of definition has evaded most folk.

Still what a great concept. And really, who wouldn’t mind running around on a farm every now and then?


3 responses to “Down on the farm…

  1. I think it’s one of those things that’s funnier in concept than in execution; it could’ve been half as long and it still would’ve gotten the point across.

    That being said, the metaphor is actually very strong. Emo\hipster culture is being commercialized and mass marketed in the same way that we’ve created CAFOs and massive slaughterhouses.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Naomi – Good points – I forgot how long the video is… but that tends to happen sometimes with YouTube sketches… too long for their own good.

    You’re absolutely right about the commercialization of emo and hipsterdom; once it can be boxed into something easily marketable – which is usually (and in this case, is) fashion – it begins to loose the meaning it had in the first place. It doesn’t mean that meaning is completely gone, but it has lost it’s resonance, and it certainly is missing among most people who pick up the culture once it is commercial (look at grunge)… then again, there is the point that you can reach a wider audience and, although certainly not everyone will pick up on the idealism behind certain “trends,” certain individuals who are actually very interested in said culture might begin to look further into it.

    And an excellent article… I’ll probably hook it into my next post… but for now, I must sleep!

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