Yes, I Can Help You

I apologize for the recent lack of posting, but its been a blizzard of fun these past few days. Despite the archaic weather, Boston is in the full swing of things, and I mixed my time between numerous concerts, the Boston Silent Rave, and general tomfoolery.

tagged Newbury Comics logo

tagged Newbury Comics logo

At the center of much of the whirlwind of excitement for the weekend was Newbury Comics‘ 30th Anniversary bash, which featured a wealth of artists performing at numerous locations. In spite of the recent downturn of the economy, the bash seemed to be a success – at least, it seems successful when you can hardly see the members of Passion Pit play (but still hear the emo-esq highs of their falsetto-voiced singer). For some odd reason, Newbury Comics trudges on seemingly undeterred by the shaky economy, and appears to rise above the vapidity of consumerism despite being a place that sells goods.

That could be the fact that they are such arduous supporters of their local community; most of the acts slated to perform this past weekend are all homegrown, from choral-rockers Bang Camaro to post-punk icons Mission of Burma. And if that still seems like a shameless ploy to bring in an extra buck, that was least of all apparent with Apollo Sunshine‘s set on Saturday in Harvard Square. The local band relished in their performance, pulling out five-minute long jams that did not bore or disappoint. Afterwards, the trio abandoned their instruments, choosing to mingle with the crowd and point fans in the direction of krautrockers Can rather than pack up and leave. Newbury Comics may be a brand in New England, but they’ve got the feel and ideology of a community-minded Mom and Pop store. Now there’s something you can get behind.

Apollo Sunshine

Apollo Sunshine

Apollo Sunshine have recently released Shall Noise Upon, and are finally getting some much-deserved respect. From the sound of it, their third album has blossomed into Beatles-esq pop without abandoning their homegrown jam-cum-fuzz-rock sound that made them such an irresistible band in the first place. Pick it up where you can!

Apollo Sunshine – 666: The Coming of the New World Government (free download)

Apollo Sunshine – Today is the Day (video):

Mission of Burma – Peking Spring (live):

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (video):

Bang Camaro – Pleasure (Pleasure) (live):


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