Can you use that in a sentence?

So, somewhere through my GRE studies I realized what a monumental task I have of ingesting all the vocabulary. My handy study book has flooded my mind with words, which is quite helpful. But their sentence examples for the words are somewhat… lacking. So I’ve decided to do the only logical thing: write my own. Only all of them will concern emo in some light. I’ll kick off what will be a semi-regular posting until my test with a couple of words relating to two bands I tend to write a lot about or mention quite frequently. Here goes:

*Abeyance: N. Suspend action.

“In 2002, after nearly two decades in action, Fugazi decided to declare an abeyance. Their indefinite hiatus has yet to break while other 80s and 90s alternative acts have reunited.”

Fugazi – Waiting Room (live):

*Anachronism: N. Something or someone misplaced in time.

“Sunny Day Real Estate were such visionaries in alternative rock that they seemed like an anachronism; even their reunion spell occurred a decade before the recent splurge of rock re-starts.”

Sunny Day Real Estate – J’Nuh (live):

Feel free to study along!


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