Can’t Spell “B” without an “E”

For those that caught Bruce Campbell’s latest B-movie flick, My Name Is Bruce, it’s, well, a Bruce Campbell movie… though some of the jokes were a complete miss and would have benefited the movie had they not been written in the first place.

In any case, one of the movie’s driving characters is a young teenaged boy who enters the screen wearing goth makeup, punk-like spikes in his hair, and blasting heavy metal. I figured someone might peg this kid as a representation of emo, and it was easier to track down than I’d thought. Here’s a snipet of this review:

“The story unfolds like this. A weekend emo/goth kid unwittingly releases a vengeful Chinese god of destruction…and bean curd. In seconds, the body parts are flying and emo kid sounds the alarm in town. Here’s where the logic gets wonky. Emo boy convinces the town that their only hope is Bruce Campbell, so he abducts the celeb who thinks this is all an elaborate birthday surprise perpetrated by his agent (Ted Raimi, natch!) Now, the towns-people know he is Bruce Campbell…and not Ash. Emo kid is an uber fan and has most likely been spouting off about his hero for some years now, and in a small town, that means everyone knows everything there is to know. Never the less, they believe Bruce is the one to lead them and do their best to cater to his every whim.”

I have to admit, I do like the reference to the kid being a “weekend emo/goth,” as he only wore his get up at a couple of points during the movie. But emo? Can’t say that the representation suits that staple at all considering there isn’t a single sound-byte, band name, or credence that would point to emo. But, I guess if that’s what B movies account for the culture in their representations, it manages to get across.

*In other news, apparently Jimmy Eat World will be performing Clarity in concert soon. So the ATP sensation of playing “classic” albums continues!


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