Behind The Back Battles

How about this quote from The New York Times on Caroline Kennedy’s attempt to gain Hilary Clinton’s Senate seat:

“Already, some other Democrats have pointedly questioned her credentials for the job. Rep. Gary Ackerman, a Queens Democrat, said last week that he didn’t know what Ms. Kennedy’s qualifications were, ‘except that she has name recognition — but so does J. Lo.'”

Ouch dude. Or is he saying that J. Lo would make a great senator? While we’re at it, how about Pete Wentz, who wants to end the feud between Fall Out Boy and the Killers that the later’s band frontman, Brendan Flowers, started back in ’05 when he said he wanted to “destroy emo.” How is he doing this? By producing low-grade rock fodder? Guess so.

Well, none of that bickering is as bad, or embarrassing, as this:

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