Anderson Cooper, Emo Journalist features an interesting piece by Boy Abunda, who goes as far as to call the individually-influenced news reports by broadcast reporters “emo-journalism”:

“It was in Anderson Cooper’s Dispatches From The Edge that I started to re-think about the traditional notion that newscasters are not supposed to show emotions, that they are simply mouthpieces of news devoid of feelings and opinions on the news that they deliver. Anderson espouses emo-journalism that simply says that broadcast journalists are human beings with causes and ideologies not driftwoods wandering aimlessly depending on where the waves push them.”

The idea that emotions are innately human and all people have emotions by design is nothing new; neither is the argument that music, a craft produced by people, is impacted by/inspires emotions. So while Abunda goes as far as to call perspective-influenced reports “emo-journalism,” he more or less is giving more fodder to the argument that a tag such as emo is, if anything, ultimately repetitive and something of a false-nomenclature. A little late to stop the genre from being called emo, but another piece in the canon for why musicians of all creeds and sounds are disgusted by the name.


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