Have Your Emo Spayed or Neutered

You have to wonder about the future of journalism when the teen journalism site The Tattoo features a travel article that begins like this:

“Do you often find yourself too sad to tie your shoelaces? Do you ever slave over your hair to flip exactly the right way to hide your sorrow stricken eyes? Have you ever written a tear stained break-up song, somehow sounding a lot like My Chemical Romance?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you might be stranded in Emoland, U.S.A.”

Ummm… what? You have to give a little credit to the journalist, Minha Lee, for providing an interesting twist to a travel piece. But talk about over the top. This is the point where the jokes have become a beast of their own. It might be forgivable if the title of the article wasn’t “How to fix an Emo teen.”
Really? I thought I was going to read about traveling to Korea. Now I’ve got to “fix” all the emo teens I run into…

Also, fun fact of the day, according to said article:
Emo means aunt in Korean.
Won’t somebody think of all the poor, sad aunts that need to be fixed?!!


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