Paging Dr. Emo

In another classic case of disabuse of the term “emo,” Newsday’s preview of the new season of Scrubs on a new network (ABC), features the following foreshadowing for the rest of the show’s final season:

“…creator Bill Lawrence has vowed that he wants to take the emo route more often in this, the final, season.”

Well, no real reason to respond to that misuse. The article also has some episode spoilers and declares that followers of the show shouldn’t be upset about the network change as the show stays true to its roots, whereas anyone who has been following the series since its debut has seen a dramatic nosedive in the show’s quality in the past few seasons. So perhaps there’s nothing to fear in the switchover, as the show was magically revived from near-cancellation, and honestly, when the characters and story were so endearing in the first place, it just might be better than nothing.

Most “emo” Scrubs¬†episodes:

*”My Old Lady” – Season 1, Episode 4

*”My Bed Banter & Beyond” – Season 1, Episode 15

*”My Philosophy” – Season 2, Episode 13

*”My Screwup” – Season 3, Episode 14

*”My Long Goodbye” – Season 6, Episode 15


Scrubs – “Our Intern Class” (new webisode):


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