Waiter, There’s Autotune In My Folk!

Bon Iver is streaming the new Blood Bank EP through myspace, and there’s quite a surprise. Take a listen to “Woods”:

That’s right, a nice healthy dose of autotune! Now there’s some forward thinking folk. I’m interested to see how diehard folkies will react and those stuck on the sound that drew people into For Emma. Then again, this isn’t a drastic departure from Bon Iver’s sound, but people are wary of change. Just look at this response from the Stereogum posting:

“Yeah, “Woods” is a mess. Like T-Pain attempting heartfelt a cappella folk. Dig the rest of it, though.
Posted by: tmushett at 01/08/09 1:57 PM | Reply
Score = 0″

Who will be the next to tackle autotune? My fingers are crossed for My Chem… I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to hear an over-the-top musical about a teenager traveling across the universe, fighting off aliens from every galaxy that existed, with high-pitched autotune styles against pop-friendly arena-pop-punk?


…I guess I answered my own question… but is it yes or no?!?!


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