Patience for a Patient

I spent around 5 hours in the ER today waiting to figure out what’s making me sick. It was a little unnerving at times, but I did get a big chunk of Davide Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest to gestate in my head, so that was an accomplishment.

In conjunction with my hospital visit, here’s a free album by a dude called Decomposure. How do they match? Well, the mix is under the name Humidity Patient Guide and has numerous allusions and direct references to medical establishments. And for the sake of this blog, Decomposure isn’t so much emo; more an electronic, bedroom pop that has a strong taste of The Postal Service, an act many folks falsely consider to be emo just because of the frankness with which Ben Gibbard’s lyrics discuss romance and love in graphic detail. (That poor dude will never escape the negative undertones of the emo tag.)

Humidity Patient Guide Cover

Humidity Patient Guide Cover

Decomposure – Humidity Patient Guide


2 responses to “Patience for a Patient

  1. Hi, it’s Michelle from VISTA, sorry to see you aren’t feeling well 😦

    I just started reading Infinite Jest and it’s prettyyyyy good so far. I also recently finished Nam Le’s The Boat, which is a bunch of short stories that are wonderful

    Feeeeeeeeeeeel better!

    • Hey Michelle!
      Thanks for the well wishes – I appreciate it… I should be back to normal soon!
      I’ll have to check out The Boat once I’m done with this mammoth book… I’ve been reading it for months, but I won’t put it away until I finish it! Man, is it good.
      Hope all’s well on your end!

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