V-Day Mix

What good is romance in America if there isn’t a mixtape to express said feelings? In honor of Valentine’s day, here’s a little mix for you all… and it ain’t all emo (remember, blues and rock were wearing themes of love and romance quite well and long before emo came through). Enjoy:

1. Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! – “Trunk of My Car

What a build up and a great song…

2. The Cure – “Close To Me

Duh… with an irresistible beat and lyrics that fit perfectly with the theme, you can’t go wrong here.

3. Andrew W.K. – “She Is Beautiful

Sure, it’s a bit gender-biased, but this song rips!

4. Oh No! Oh My! – “Oh Be One

Repetition does the trick here…

No media currently available for this song. Sorry!

5. Nina Simone – “I Love Your Lovin’ Ways

Nothing wrong with a classic.

No media currently available for this song. Sorry!

6. The Faces – “Stay With Me


7. Chef – “Simultaneous

Nothing wrong with a bit of humor either…

8. Head Automatica – “Beating Heart Baby

The dude from Glassjaw, the producer from so many great hip-hop albums, and one hell of a record…

9. Dinosaur Jr. – “Sludgefeast

According to Our Band Could Be Your Life, most Dinosaur Jr. songs are about J’s longing for companionship, but this is the one that’s the kicker.

10. TV on the Radio – “Ambulance

One hell of a haunting song, and one of their best to boot.

11. Friendly Fires – “Paris

Everything about this song has an element of romantic longing, from the title (Paris is the city of romance) right down to the lyrics.

12. Muscles – “Chocolate Raspberry Lemon and Lime

Short, sweet pop song about love, with metaphors!

13. OutKast – “Happy Valentine’s Day

Great and funky way to knock home the theme o’ the mix.

14. The Pixies – “La La Love You

Apparently this song was made as something of a joke, but it’s so damn adorable and great.

15. The Promise Ring – “Red & Blue Jeans

Simple and catchy, right down to the repeated “do dos” like a Motown chorus line.

16. Eagles of Death Metal – “Speaking In Tongues

“I Only Want You” is too easy, and this song seems to bubble with more sexual proclivity than some of their other songs (and that’s saying a lot).

17. Spiritualized – “Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

A simple mantra, an unforgettable song.

18. Lucero – “Mine Tonight

Nothing like the age old tale of a hard working American coming home to the one he/she loves…

19. Sunny Day Real Estate – “Guitar and Video Games

Tales from the bedroom, and updated with references to teenage-friendly technology.

20. The Beta Band – “Dry The Rain

Slow grooving song that ends with “I need love,” provides a good end note for this mix.


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