In a good-natured piece in one of the many blogs run by The New York Times entitled, “‘Emo Lincoln’ Gets the Flickr Treatment,” Noam Cohen and Robert Mackey point out how the the following photo of Abraham Lincoln is tagged with the words “emo” and “punk” (as well as, curiously not mentioned in the article, “werewolf”) on the Library of Congress’ Flickr photo stream. Here’s the picture:

emo Abe

emo Abe

There have been so many pieces honoring the 200th anniversary of the birth of Lincoln, so many recently published books celebrating his life and legacy. But this piece hearkens back to the many images of Lincoln that have been dreamt up in the American cultural mindset. Here are a few favorites. Enjoy:

“Clone High” Abe:

Obama Lincoln

Obama Lincoln

The Electric Six Version:

and finally…

the saddest five bucks

the saddest five bucks


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