P.O.S. on Emo Rap

Stefon Alexander aka P.O.S.

Stefon Alexander aka P.O.S.

As mentioned in a previous post, P.O.S. (otherwise known as Stefon Alexander) was just in town to perform at Harper’s Ferry in support of his newest album, Never Better. I interviewed Alexander via email for Bostonist in time for his visit. Of course, as curious as ever, I asked about emo-rap. Here’s the skinny:

The term “emo-rap” has been pegged squarely on the head of the general Rhymesayers collective for sometime now. What is your opinion of the term as it is used by the press and public? How do you approach musical terminology considering you work in numerous, distinct genres?

P.O.S.: “I think people need to have a name for everything. Emo rap sounds pretty unfortunate. When people ask what kind of music I make, I say rap.”

Down to the point, and with a point. I must concur, people do need to have a name for everything, and the need for nomenclature was what birthed the term emo in the first place. You can check out the rest of my interview with P.O.S. here.

P.O.S. – “Drumroll” (video):


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