Democracy, Don’t Leave!

No, the title of this post isn’t in reference to any kind of government breakdown. Harvard Square’s Democracy Center, a hub of operations for meeting spaces, performances, and Boston’s largest zine library (where you can grab olde time zines featuring the likes of punk, hardcore, emo, and rock’s greats) may be closing in a matter of time. The economy certainly has put a strain on Democracy, and this is making it quite literal. Here’s a message from a couple of folks who run the place:


“Dear Democracy Center Community,

I hope that everyone is doing well. You are receiving this message because you currently use, have used or are somehow connected to the Democracy Center.

As you know every non-profit is being affected by the economic crisis and the Democracy Center is no exception. We are looking at several options in light of the economic climate, one possibility is that the building may be sold or leased. The decision has been made to put the building on the market to explore what our options would be if we decide to sell or lease the space.

 We don’t expect any major changes to the building or the organization for at least the next six months and will keep you informed of the situation. We understand that as organizations you need to plan for the future and will work to give you timely answers and be helpful in any way we can.

 I will be available to answer questions and concerns. 

 This letter is also a call to you, our community, for ideas and solutions. We hope as much as you that the Democracy Center continues, so we are working hard on other solutions as well.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns, questions and suggestions.


In solidarity,

Cecilia Duran

Democracy Center


Ian Simmons

Foundation for Civic Leadership”


This would be a major loss to independent-minded Northeasterners, as the center is a central hub for anyone with a bright idea and 25 bucks to rent a space… hopefully a solution will be found. And soon.


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