Ok, the Watchmen movie wasn’t as bad as the title of this post would imply, but it wasn’t exactly as great as my expectations. However, considering the massive odds against it, the hype, and my own conceits, Zach Snyder’s take on the book was, in many ways, true to its original nature, if also a shallower version of the Alan Moore book. (Then again, try cramming all that moralist and down-to-earth-human perspective into a Hollywood film, and you’d be lucky to produce the same film.) I realize many folks considered the narrative “unfilmable” for various reasons, but viewing the movie I thought one aspect that could never really transfer that well is dialogue; Snyder’s direction and a couple of actor gaffes aside, the words Moore made for the graphic novel just don’t transfer that well to the same… they don’t have the same spark on screen that they do on page and on certain occasions appear a little naive.


Watchmen graphic novel cover

Watchmen graphic novel cover


Other than that, for a 2 hour, 45 minute film, I sat in rapt attention, which is a feat considering the weighty subjects as told through a Hollywood blockbuster. If only the soundtrack wasn’t so… well, terrible. But if that’s the worst problem a movie has, then so be it. And poor My Chemical Romance for covering Bob Dylan… or should I say poor Bob Dylan… or poor viewers/listeners…


My Chemical Romance – “Desolation Row” (Bob Dylan cover):


2 responses to “Watchmeh

  1. Check out the real ending from the comic book.
    The rest of this comment was deleted by the editor.

    • Thank you for commenting on the site – I really do appreciate reader input. (And I do highly suggest folks out there read the Watchmen graphic novel, as it is fantastic.)
      However, the reason I deleted the rest of this comment was because of a personal pet peeve of mine: spoilers. The thing I tend to find reviews and pieces that display spoilers without any proper warning to be quite annoying, so I try to prevent that in my own work. For those interested in seeing a brief view of the end of the original graphic novel, go to the previously published link, found at:

      And that’s your spoiler warning

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