Mexico’s Human Rights Issue: Emo

Sure enough, just as the one-year anniversary since the anti-emo riots in Mexico approaches, The AP reports that those who are emo in Mexico may still be in danger of discrimination. Here’s the report:


“MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission says that followers of the youth music and fashion trend known as “emo” have suffered discrimination and violence, and recommends sensitivity training to prevent it.

Emos often wear long bangs and skinny pants, and listen to angst-ridden music. The youths were heckled and harassed in a pair of incidents in central Mexico in early 2008, aggressions apparently fueled by an Internet hate campaign by other youths.

The government rights commission says an investigation shows emos “have suffered violence and discrimination both by authorities and the public at large.”

It recommended the government provide diversity training in schools and anti-discrimination training for law enforcement personnel.”


…And already the blogs are up and making fun of this declaration… who knows how the backlash could actually affect those individuals in Mexico who feel any brunt from society, no matter what kind of subculture they apply their lives to.


8 responses to “Mexico’s Human Rights Issue: Emo

  1. this is real, I lived and played music in Tepic, Nayarit MX for two years, and I remember somebody plowing their car into a group of kids, dressed “emo” and he killed one of them. if you dress at all “emo” you are like bottom of the caste system. never thought I’d read an American writing about something like that.

    • That’s unbelievable… quite shocking really… I figured most of the American and European press coverage was really reveling in the media-stirred drama, and from what I had read there certainly does appear to be some sort level of loathing that I had considered on level with that in America and Europe, ie nothing more than bare threats from those who find displeasure in emo culture and a genuine culture of fear spread by those who don’t understand it. But the fact that someone was killed? That’s horrifying!
      An undercurrent that drives this blog, aside from the main topics of study (emo, culture, etc), is a concept of how cultural ideas/trends/whatever reflect one’s/a society’s values and, in many ways, how we treat one another… culture is often a microscope with which to view larger issues within different societies and humanity in general… and so, especially given the drive of the blog, it was no question as to whether I would write about this issue!
      Do you have any more information about the kid that was killed by the car (articles, tv specs, other links?) I’m interested in learning more about this, and perhaps about your own interactions, if you would be so kind and were interested in such a thing…

  2. Tanea Ferrusca

    I am intrested in this topic since I am doing a final for one of my high school classes on ’emo fashion discrimination.’I would also like to get any information on the incidents that have happened. I would really apriciate it and it would help me a lot. Any articles, photographs, interviews, websites. Anything realted to this subject would work for me. Thankyou!

  3. Tanea Ferrusca

    Thank you so much. I went to the first link and strated reading it and so far it is perfect. I am sure that the others will too. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment!

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