And No. 4 is…

According to The Guardian, UK-based Sentry Parental Controls has composed a list of the top ten words parents with kids 16 and under are blocking their children from online (viewing, searching, etc). Needless to say, one word is a guarantee for the list. So, without further ado, here it is:

1. Suicide
2. Alone
3. Dope
4. Emo
5. Bully
6. Depressed
7. Skinny
8. Breasts
9. Willy
10. Hate

Honestly, emo was a given for this list, considering the bad press the genre/culture gets over in the UK (and especially considering the extent of online infamy emo has gained, especially at the hands of parents who don’t quite get it.) However, this list is an example of just the kind of extent some parents will go to protect their children from practically nothing. Ok, suicide is a natural given to block – but not death? And bully? How will blocking the word bully prevent kids from actually getting hurt by bullies in their every-day experience? There have been bullies long before the internet existed…

The biggest crime/shock entry on this list? Willy. I realize “willy” is British slang for male genitalia. However, think of all the children who will be missing out on the classic kids film, Free Willy. In the words of Helen Lovejoy:


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