The Perfect Quote

Sometimes it can be pretty hard for the press to rapidly pinpoint emo with false-pretenses based upon stereotypes. And then the perfect quote comes along:

“‘I’m writing songs that entertain these people, all these people who just want pain,’ Tim Kasher of the Omaha band Cursive blurted during a performance.”

Props must be given to the New York Times‘ Jon Pareles, who caught this nice little bit of stage banter at SXSW that’s a real gem for those who like to pigeonhole emo into something of a genre for depressed folk. Cursive, the long-running band out of Omaha that’s been something of a starting point for the Nebraska city’s indie scene. Taking big cues from Fugazi, Cursive has always been something of an icon for bands that draw out the possibilities of emo when so many groups began to morph the image of the genre into something malleable and stereotypical. And although Cursive certainly continues to mold their sound and challenge the current image of emo, but I think Tim Kasher might have a little trouble trying to shake that quote for a little while…


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