I can’t believe I have yet to catch this band…. Granted, Exusamwa have only had three public shows, but still… they’ve got members of Fat Day, Life Partners, and the owner of Weirdo Records! And they’re as secretive as none other, nothing but a few online pics to do justice (that’s right – not even a myspace page to speak of).

Luckily, Dischord and Dynne posted this mp3 of their recent on-air gig at 95.3FM. Needless to say, it’s something else, a nice little mix of acoustic strumming, experimental aural noise, and Melt-Banana-esq juxtapositions of post-hardcore noise and bursts of sweet pop… a nice mix from a lot of bland emo-pop of today.

I’ll stand on watch for the band’s next gig… I suggest for others to do the same!


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