Be on the lookout for this next month:

The Brothers Bloom kicked off this year’s Independent Film Festival for Boston (otherwise known as IFFBoston), and it was quite a treat. If you were a fan of Brick, think that the Oceans 11+ movies were a little too dimwitted, and/or think that Wes Anderson would be more palatable if he packed in a few more universally-appreciated jokes, well, you may just as well grab a ticket to Brothers Bloom now.

I’ll be spending the rest of my free time for a solid week covering IFFBoston for Bostonist. That means lots of movies to see, more to write about, and by the end, my eyes won’t want to have anything to do with a dark room lit by a projector for quite a while. Check out Bostonist now for my interviews with the directors of I Need That Record!, Breaking Upwards, and Make-Out With Violence, and starting tomorrow/today interviews with the directors of Speaking In Code and Best Worst Movie. Lots of great documentaries about music and the human experience (together and separate in subject matter), movies studying the undercurrents of human emotion… and yet, no emo to be mentioned… Maybe next year!


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