Clarity Track by Track

Jimmy Eat World continue the Clarity + fan love with a brand-spankin’ new link to a track-by-track breakdown of their sophomore album. Here’s the intro:

Zach: The past few months have been a special time for us. During this time we’ve been learning, rehearsing and playing these songs from Clarity for our fans across the United States. The Clarity x 10 tour was the ten year anniversary of our album “Clarity.” We ultimately decided to do this tour as a result of some encouragement from our fans. A handful of fans kept prodding us to plan something like this and so we took their advice. Sadly, the tour is now over but it has made way for the release of this live recording of the last performance of the tour in Tempe, AZ.

We were absolutely floored by the response from everyone who came out to the shows to help us celebrate these songs. The fact that this tour took place would have seemed unimaginable to us when we were making this album. When Clarity was being recorded, we were completely under anyone’s radar and we were pretty sure it would be our last major label record. So in light of all this, words can’t express our gratitude for all those who’ve been listening for the past ten years and beyond. Without your passion we wouldn’t exist so thank you!

For those who could not be with us in person to celebrate, we hope this live recording will be an avenue for you to participate. We tried to craft this live album so that you, the listener, would feel like you were in the room. We hope you enjoy.

Probably best for the hardcore fans, but then again, isn’t “hardcore” part of the definition of fandom?


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