There Are Too Many Songs About Love: An America Is Just A Word Update

Another day, another addition to the growing list of interviewees for America Is Just A Word. Joining the ranks is Mike of San Jose’s Shinobu. Whereas some of the other bands that will be included in the book have a large enough cult audience to be noticed, such as Cap’n Jazz or Heroin, Shinobu are a relatively new and even-more unknown band by comparison. Hopefully, Mike’s contribution to the book will give insight on a genre/style/culture/whatever that’s become so dominant in one facet of the “sound,” and all from the perspective of a band that has a completely divergent musical-and-life-style than the members of, say, Panic! at the Disco. Shinobu’s inclusion in America Is Just A Word is a sign that various, unique sounds continue to grow from the emo, post-hardcore strain today, even though what most people see are xeroxed versions of shallow pop.

Speaking of Shinobu, Quote Unquote Records – a donation-based record label – has released the group’s newest effort, Strange Spring Air online. It’s got a requested donation of $5, and all you need is a Paypal account and some pocket change.

Shinobu – “Teachers Get Tired” (live):


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