The Morning After

And now, a quick break from the usual ramblings and mumbo-jumbo:

WordPress has been nothing but a fantastic blogging site. It’s clean and easy to use and whatever you write, whoever writes it, you’re guaranteed it to look great nearly 100% of the time. For me, it’s been fantastic, and will continue to be a fantastic place to blog. But, if there’s anything I wish I could add to the WordPress options, it would be to offer more appearance templates.

I do enjoy the number of templates available, but the variety is lacking one type of layout I’d really enjoy employing: a magazine layout. Specifically, I stumbled upon this great template:

The Morning After is so clean cut and well organized I wanted to use it immediately. Unfortunately, there’s no way to upload said template to the blog; I’d have to create a separate website and use CSS to enter all the codes… it’s pretty complicated. What I’ve found so endearing about a WordPress blog is the ability to create a professional looking site that’s a step above many other blogging sites, and yet easier and more succinct than building and monitoring all the ins and outs of a normal website (though they provide the ability to do that). I feel that with the addition of the Morning After template, WordPress would only provide more reason for potential bloggers to sign up, all by providing a highly-sophisticated blog template that’s a step above the usual 1-4 column offerings available on all blogs. It would allow for bloggers to really get more out of their WordPress blog and spend more time putting it together… basically, all good news for WordPress.

I put a suggestion into the WordPress folks, and they said they’d take a look at it… here’s hoping. If this template were to become available, I’d really be able to write a number of different categorical entries without overloading the general front page; there’d be album reviews, book reviews, “features,” the whole shabang, and well organized in a magazine-style front-page. We’ll see what happens! Other WordPress bloggers, if you like the template, obviously spread the word!

Alright, the next entry will have more emo ramblings and less random tech-wish lists!


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