1st Sunny Day Real Estate Reunion Show?!

Salt Lake City, Utah may be the place Sunny Day Real Estate fans would want to be on September 20th. At least, according to The Kollective, a Utah promotion and booking organization that covers quite a bit of emo shows, it certainly is:

Picture 19

Yep. Of course, nothing is confirmed at the moment, and this certainly is an ingenious way to get Salt Lake City music fans to pay attention to their company. And look at them doing it on Twitter and everything! How “in” and hip.

Still, nothing outside of the small Tweet… should it be taken lightly, a potential gimmick to reel folks in to their company? Or is it serious. Outside of Twitter, The Kollective calendar‘s last date listing is – curiously enough – September 19th (Making April at The Icon) and the Murray Theater’s lastest concert listing is September 17th with emo poppers Dance Gavin Dance.

What does this mean for Salt Lake City, the rest of the country, and Sunny Day Real Estate? Well, it is another piece in the speculative puzzle, and another thing that’s getting me excited… not quite at the point where I can say “it’s on” but the momentum, pressure, and fever for SDRE certainly is building up…


3 responses to “1st Sunny Day Real Estate Reunion Show?!

  1. I REALLY hope that they come to anywhere in Ontario, hell even Michigan.

    …that is, IF this godly reunion business is all true.

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