Kickstart My Rock ‘N Roll Heart

I got this in the mail today:

To explain, I was one of 382 folks to back record label Polyvinyl in their hopes to store/salvage 10,000 records using Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a new funding organization that helps artists, organizations, and individuals fund their various projects. It’s basically like a social networking site that allows creative individuals to connect directly to their base in order to get their ideas off the ground independent of the usual forces behind music, film, books, art, etc.

Anyway, people are encouraged to offer incentives for folks to fund projects, with different levels of donations come complete with certain “rewards.” The kicker (no pun intended) is that these are all pledges to pay: if a project doesn’t get at least 100% of its targeted goal, no one has to pay and the project gets zero funding.

There was no question that Polyvinyl would reach their goal, as it appeared like they were almost liquidating their stocks. The top pledges ($50+) received 26 CDs and two DVDs filled with various indie artists… and yes, emo musicians to boot. With Aloha, Decibully (feat. two members of Maritime), Friction (ex-Braid), Joan of Arc, and Rainer Maria, it’s quite an array of emo acts… and the old Of Montreal and Saturday Looks Good To Me… well, looks good to me (ok, pun intended).

Kickstarter is currently only invite-only for people looking to start projects, as it’s in something of an infant state. Depending on how things end up on the publishing end for America Is Just A Word when all is said and done, Kickstarter may indeed be a good place to take this project.

But, that’s a ways away. For now, I’ll just occupy myself with listening to some of these albums…

Decibully – “Somewhere In The World” (video):


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