Juice Sux

I did a little write up for The Boston Phoenix this week on Jamba Juice’s blatant rip-off of Get Your War On. I’d always been a fan of David Rees and GYWO since I came across it in high school (back when I, yes, did in fact read, Rolling Stone… and yet, I knew there was something odd back then when the most interesting thing I learned about from the magazine was a webcomic and not, say, music), and his on-point humor and creativity has always been something to relish. (Yes, even whilest Rees incorrectly attributed cultural points towards emo when describing Mark Sanford as the “first emo governor.”)

Rees is certainly well aware of the odds against and in favor of him, and is fortunate enough to not only take as much of it in stride, but really use his humor for his own benefit in battling Jamba Juice… or, as he likes to call it, Jawa Juice.

You can read more about it in my article here, or in the pages of online text Rees has dedicated on his site to the campaign against the juicers…

I’ve also got a scan of the print edition of the article up, and feel free to browse it below (although, if you want to actually read it, you may want to look at the online version or try to pick up a copy of it than try to discern the tiny type below):


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