…And I’m All Out Of Bubblegum

Oh, the many wonders of Goggle:

With all the video sites out there, I tend to forget Google video exists, but they’ve got some great stuff.

Like John Carpenter’s They Live, a fantastic cult movie that seems as ingrained in today’s society as the 80s. The protagonist is a wandering, jobless American who just wants to do things right and work hard (yada yada yada), the economy’s bad and people are living in shantytowns in LA (there was an NY Times article about tent towns popping up across California this summer), there’s conspiracy, fear of the other, fear of the government, etc. You can twist it into whatever socio-political perspective you want to push, but as a sci-fi action film, it hits it right on the head. And any Shepard Fairey fan might be able to see what he found so fantastic about this film and what certain images, ahem, “crop up” in his art.

I know, kind of a random post, but this is one of those movies that really lives up to whatever standards of cult fandom are out there… and there are a ton.


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