Fashion Fallout

When little kids get their first haircut, there’s usually crying involved.

When Pete Wentz gets his hair cut (or shaven?), the crying apparently stops:

Take to the messageboards, Facebook feeds, and Twitter tweets, you FOB fanatics out there!

Wentz has proven to be something of an intelligent individual in music: his lyrics have the kind of verbiage that the College Board kills for, he’s proven himself a mogul in his own little music realm, and he’s probably a lot more articulate and well read in punk than people give him credit for. (His appearance as a player in a pivotal band included in Brian Peterson’s Burning Fight, all on 90s hardcore bands, is probably stunning for many who are not up on their hardcore punk reading.) With the emo-publicity train currently has its eyes focused on Brand New, Wentz picked the perfect opportunity to get rid of a fashionable doo that’s become the target of so much scorn. With the focus no longer just on his band, he can be free to play whatever he wants and wear whatever he wants. Hopefully, this will get some kids to rethink the emo-as-purely-a-fashion-statement, because I for one cannot see Wentz changing his tunes just cause his head has less hair.


5 responses to “Fashion Fallout

  1. FOB is ok. I’m not really that big of a fan.

  2. nothing special at all. i do not like such kind of music!

    • You’re totally entitled to your opinion, but I’d hardly say there’s “nothing special” about Fall Out Boy. Beyond taste preferences, they’ve clearly got performance and songwriting chops, have a voice unique enough to outlast all their imitators, and have made quite a name for themselves while doing it. If that’s “nothing special,” I don’t really know what you’d consider special…

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