America Is Just A Word: The Book

America Is Just A Word: Post-Hardcore, Emo And American Culture is my forthcoming book on emo, music, and American culture.

America Is Just A Word focuses on the world of emo, but from a multi-faceted angle. Rather than providing a straight-forward narrative of the bands, individuals, and songs that shaped the genre from its early roots into its mainstream limelighters, America Is Just A Word focuses on emo from the perspective of its connection to and reflection of American culture. Comparisons between artists and American literary figures, cultural critics, and societal concepts are drawn, observed, and left open to interpretation. Unlike the two other popularly-produced books on emo (Andy Greenwald’s Nothing Feels Good and the joke guide to emo Everybody Hurts), America Is Just A Word doesn’t crucify the word emo for a stereotypical and easy-to-use term for commercial use and popular representation. Rather, the book carefully observes the changes in definition, the concepts surrounding the genre, and the ambiguities, contradictions, and idiosyncrasies that have informed emo for nearly twenty five years.

Continue to check this blog and the America Is Just A Word Twitter for updates on the book’s publication.

3 responses to “America Is Just A Word: The Book

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  3. Stumbled across this while looking for the Cap’n Jazz article in Alternative Press.

    any book with a Fugazi reference as the title must be good. I’ll check this out.

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