Other Writing

A Brief overview of some other articles and places you may find me:


Pricey Pixies Tickets, or Can Critics Complain About Concert Costs?

Australian news site tries to kill emo, fails

ABC should thank Adam Lambert

‘Heavy Metal in Baghdad’ band announces first EP

The Beatles in the year 3000

Overlooked in the Aughts: Milosh – Meme

Pete Wentz is a genius

The Velvet Underground to reunite… for literacy

The (Most) Memorable Singles of 2009

‘New’ album by ‘The Beatles’ surfaces

Hugging hatred and homophobia making headlines in Buffalo

How loud can pop get?

Late Night Jamz: BFF – ‘Ham Dance’

Thanks for giving MC Paul Barman’s Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud

Overlooked in the Aughts: Aerogramme – A Story In White

Wale, Black Star and the Zunguzung Meme

Wale – ‘TV in the Radio

El Ten Eleven at Schubas, November 8

Musicians, torture and morality

Will Matt Groening stop drawing Life in Hell?

Sufjan Stevens’ 50 states project is a joke – here’s the punchline

Too coincidental to ‘Say Anything’?

Snuggle up to the Weezer Snuggie

Late Night Jamz: Arms and Sleepers – ‘The Architekt’

The role of music journalism, or why does everyone want to kill hip-hop?

Soundtrack your Halloween

Lil Wayne Drops No Ceilings

Overlooked in the Aughts: Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! – S/T

Weezer featuring Lil Wayne – ‘Can’t Stop Partying’

Here comes the argument

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at Lincoln Hall Grand Opening

Overlooked in the Aughts: Beauty Pill – The Unsustainable Lifestyle

MGMT are indie rock’s Goldman Sachs

Late Night Jamz: Restless People – ‘Victimless Crime’

Kanye West & Spike Jonze – We Were Once A Fairytale

Overlooked in the Aughts: Parts & Labor – Mapmaker

Music career in the tubes? Go fly in a balloon!

mtvu’s phallic symbol

Peter Bagge’s ‘Hate’ coming to Fox TV?

Overlooked in the Aughts: Danger Mouse & Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life

Barack bests Bono

Best albums of the Millennium

A.V. Club Chicago:

Paddling Ghost: Last-minute Halloween costume’s inspired by Dan Deacon’s tour

The Boston Phoenix:

Sunny Day Real Estate reunion:


Brand New – Daisy review:


Get Your War On v. Jamba Juice:

Scrunk Happens:


Bostonist Gets Warped

Cave In Reunion Show at Great Scott

The Boston Globe Explains Hipsters, Haters

Japandroids at Great Scott

Bostonist Gchats Brandon Scott Gorrell

Cymbals Eat Guitars at Great Scott

Goodbye Herrell’s, Hello Allston Cafe

Team Robespierre at the Middle East Upstairs

Interview: The Antlers

Super Secret Summer Surprise with Dan Deacon at the ICA

Joe Lally and Glorytellers at the Middle East

Bostonist Defeats the Cold at the Scooper Bowl

Gogol Bordello at House of Blues

TV On The Radio at House of Blues

Split/Signal at The Center for Arts at the Armory

Peelander-Z at the Middle East

Dan Deacon at the Middle East

Vivian Girls at the Middle East

Mike Watt and the Missingmen at TT’s

Interview with Stephen Brodsky – Cave In Ends Hiatus

Enter Shikari at Harper’s Ferry

Harlem Shakes at MIT

IFFBoston Sunday Reviews: Trust Us, This Is All Made Up and Stingray Sam

IFFBoston Review: We Live In Public

IFFBoston Friday Reviews: 500 Days of Summer, Big Fan, and Pontypool

IFFBoston Interview: Best Worst Movie

IFFBoston Interview: Speaking In Code

IFFBoston Interview: Make-Out With Violence

IFFBoston Interview: Breaking Upwards

IFFBoston Interview: I Need That Record!

Lucero at Paradise

Parts & Labor at Oxfam Cafe Review/Interview

Dr. Dog at Paradise

Ponytail Interview/Preview

Friendly Fires at Paradise

Bostonist Talks with Chuck Klosterman… Sort Of

Nettle at Slosberg Music Center

Dropkick Murphys at House of Blues

Chuck D’s Harvard Rap

U.S. Girls and AIDS Wolf

A Nettle Blooms

Review/Interview: Pattern Is Movement, Maps & Atlases

A Tale of Two House Shows

Preview: Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity X 10 Tour

Bostonist Interviews P.O.S.

Weirdo Records Virtual Tour

Music Preview: P.O.S. at Harper’s Ferry

Preview: Fujiya & Miyagi, School of Seven Bells

Preview: High Places at the ICA

Rock Sound Magazine:

March 2009, Issue 120:


June 2007, Issue 97:



Some College Publications:

So many publications, so little time: this is just a small sampling of the many articles I wrote for probably half a dozen student-run university publications (The Justice, The Hoot, The Blowfish, Lies and the Louis Lunatic. Ok, so one short of a half dozen):

The one where I expressed shock at the fiscal irresponsibility of putting on a State Radio concert

The one where I listed my top ten of 2007

The one about Radiohead’s In Rainbows

The one where I listed my top ten of 2006

The one where I compared Girl Talk to the Hulk after hosting a show of his

The one where I had a pizza party with Oh No! Oh My! and then hosted their concert

The one about TV On The Radio’s Return To Cookie Mountain

The one about OAR that upset the group that brought said band to campus

The one about Say Anything’s …Is/Was A Real Boy

The one where I listed my top ten of 2005

The one where I interviewed drummer Jason Finn from Presidents of the United States of America

The one about Pedro The Lion’s set at the Middle East

The one about Ted Leo’s Shake The Sheets

The one about Team America

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