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Clarity Live

Yeah, there’s no doubt they sent this to everyone who bought their tickets for the Clarity X 10 tour, but you have to hand it to Jimmy Eat World for really caring about their fans:



This is a note of gratitude directed at you from us, Jimmy Eat World, for being a part of our Clarity x 10 tour at the House of Blues in Boston. Boston has always been a town that has welcomed us well. We remember vividly our earlier shows in Boston at the Middle East and Somerville Theater. Thanks to you all who’ve stuck with us through the years and who still support us today.

It really means the world to us that you have taken an interest in who we are as a band. We had such an amazing night playing Clarity for you from start to finish and we’re so glad you could all be there with us. Without you in the audience, we wouldn’t be on the stage so THANK YOU!



Jim, Rick, Tom and Zach

This nice little email came with an announcement that Jimmy Eat World are putting out a Clarity Live album of their performance in their home state of Arizona of Clarity in full. Sure, some online folks who aren’t too big on J.E.W. have been giving them a ribbing about putting out a live album of an entire record when you can just pick up the record as is. But really, if you are a live-album type-person, wouldn’t you want it anyway? I personally am not, but I have to give the band their proper due for putting this thing out on their own and really doing their best to connect to fans with the Clarity-specialized social networking site, the Twitter feeds, etc.


Clarity Live Album Cover

Clarity Live Album Cover

You can catch a special encore performance of Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity-in-full show live tonight as they perform at Unit 2 in Tempe, Arizona. It’ll air at 9PM on the East Coast and 6PM on the West Coast, and you can watch it all on the Jimmy Eat World website, where you can also purchase Clarity Live in various digital formats.

Update: Look at them set up!

picture-12The future is now!!!