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Top o’ 2009

I’m putting together a “best albums of the year list” like last year. However, I’m splitting it between this blog and the one I run over at True/Slant. That one should be up in the next day or two. This list is a collection, a round-up of runners-up, great albums I missed from last year and more. Enjoy:

Best Albums of 2009 Runners Up:


DDMMYYYYBlack Square

BalmorheaAll is Wild, All is Silent

Ear PwrSuper Animal Brothers III

Volcano ChoirUnmap

Andrew BirdNoble Beast


Akron/FamilySet ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free

Cymbals Eat GuitarsWhy There Are Mountains

Antony & The JohnsonsThe Crying Light

DodosTime to Die

Mi AmiWatersports

fun.Arm & Ignite

BLK JKSAfter Robots

Matt & KimGrand

PomegranatesEverybody, Come Outside!

Albums I Wish I Had More Time With, As They Probably Would’ve Ended Up On The List:

Brother AliUs

Mos DefThe Ecstatic

These Are PowersAll Aboard Future

Screaming FemalesPower Move

Best Album From Last Year I Finally Got To This Year:

The Gaslight AnthemThe ’59 Sound