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And the SDRE Rumors Continue?

Yep. And this one’s a doozy:


Clearly an incorrect rumor from the get go.

Big ups to Aaron at Unlikely Words for catching this one. Dude’s been working quite a bit to track down information concerning the slightly-guarded/unknown state of Thorns of Life and their debut album.

But seriously – who thought this would happen? Especially after news of The Jealous Sound opening for SDRE leaked before this tweet occurred. Even beyond that, Thorns of Life are directed at playing tiny intimate shows far away from the Live Nation venues that SDRE will (unfortunately) be performing in.

I can safely say this is wrong. But hey, someone prove me wrong and I’ll be quite happy!

SDRE + The Jealous Sound…

The Jealous Sound have confirmed a rumor I tracked down a little while ago: they are in fact touring with Sunny Day Real Estate and sharing bass players, one Nate Mendel.

Whoa, is Mendel trying to one-up his bandmate Dave Grohl on the how-many-bands-can-I-perform-in-at-one-time? So far, Mendel’s got Foo Fighters, SDRE, and The Jealous Sound… I think Grohl’s got him beat though (Foos, Queens of the Stone Age, Killing Joke, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Probot… and who knows what else.)

Anyway, here’s the down-lo, from the band’s myspace:

Ok, even though that is true, i am writing to tell you that Nate Mendel and Asher Simon are writing and recording our new record with us. Blair and I couldn’t be happier. Nate is possibly one of the greatest bass players i have ever heard live or recorded and Asher is absolutely destroying and bringing something very new and special to the band. We have been hearing all sorts of crazy rumors about who is and isn’t playing with us as well as some other insane rumors about us going on tour with this band from Seattle called Sunny Day Real Estate. Wait, that one is also true…. I should cut this short, Kanye is going OFF next door and we have been playing this new song over and over trying to get it just right… I think we are super close. This would bring our current song count up to about 5 fully finished and another 5 or 6 only wearing their skeletons. Everything is in it’s place friends so, again, thanks for being here and being a part of our lives. It is an amazing feeling indeed. I am assuming we will see you in a couple months, no?

Andy Greenwald posted it on Twitter the other day:

Picture 25

But, several blogs (if you check my “Tracking SDRE  Reunion Rumors” and “More SDRE Reunion Rumors” posts, I’ve got them linked) beat you to it. Like this one.

That’s for the awfulness of Nothing Feels Good!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the Village Voice music blog listening to me on Twitter.

Touche Andy Greenwald, touche.

Quick Sunny Day Real Estate Reunion Announcement Reflections

Picture 23

You can say that again Brian!

Our old Twitter buddy dropped the hint back in March about the potential reunion, which I promptly picked up and got a screen shot. One month later and BAM, instant SDRE reunion meme… possibly fueled by the combination of Marco Collins’ tweets and blip.fm entries, Travis Hay’s bit on Collins for the Ear Candy Blog, and whomever combined these elements with my blog entry and Brian’s tweet (jeez, still can’t believe I’m saying stuff like that) into Wikipedia… Actually, methinks it was probably the wikipedia stuff that really spread the word to the blogs and then the bigger blogs.

Well, how does it feel having seen everything come to fruition in sets of 96 hours (the Kollective tweet on Saturday), 48 hours (all the info released on Monday), and 24 hours (the official announcement from Sunny Day Real Estate and Sub Pop)?

Relieved for one thing. I’d come upon this reunion stuff as a fluke, merely searching for “Sunny Day Real Estate” on Twitter when I joined up. But once people flooded the blog and turned my questioning of the possibility of a reunion into a reality, some folks had a stake in my words. It was because of these people that really fueled my interest in (un)covering all the SDRE reunion rumors and facts, not just my own interest as a fan of their work.

When you’re one of two sources that people credit for a rumor, that’s a lot of pressure. No, it’s not like my words potentially saved folks or potentially put people in harms way, but diehard fans sought it out and put their faith in these words. And that’s a bit scary and a big responsibility in and of itself, especially speaking from a fan’s point of view. In that, I’m glad it’s all come to fruition. Not only because I’d like to see SDRE, but because those who’d opened up their calendars for a potential concert date, who may have saved up vacation time or allowance money, who have re-injected LP2 or How It Feels To Be Something On or Diary or, hell, The Rising Tide into their listening cycle, were clinging to a couple of paragraphs of unconfirmed internet chatter about their favorite band. And for them, I hope it’s everything they’ve wanted.

Be on the lookout for a more detailed overview of how everything has come to fruition with the Sunny Day Real Estate reunion, a reflection on the rumors that have cropped up, and the reunion debate that’s been tossed around in the general music scene.

Purchase SDRE tickets

Ok, last email post. Seriously.

Here’s where you can buy tickets for the Sunny Day Real Estate reunion:



One Last SDRE update

One last email…

Thanks to Kyle Ryan at the AV Club
(http://www.avclub.com/articles/sunny-day-real-estate-releases-tour-dates-announce,29550/) for finding this sweet bit of info.

Sunny Day Real Estate now have a website. And it’s got the LP2 image all over it:


And a Twitter:


And Facebook:


And Myspace:


It’s official!

SDRE tour dates

Another quick email post.

Billboard and Rolling Stone both have complete tour dates for the Sunny Day Real Estate reunion online now:

http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/news/sunny-day-real-estate-classic-lineup-reunites-1003986740.story http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2009/06/23/sunny-day-real-estate-confirm-pair-of-fall-reunion-shows/

Here’s the full lineup:

Sept. 17: Vancouver (Commodore Ballroom)
Sept. 18: Portland, Ore. (Crystal Ballroom)
Sept. 20: Salt Lake City (Murray Theatre)
Sept. 21: Denver (Ogden Theatre)
Sept. 23: Minneapolis (First Avenue)
Sept. 24: Chicago (Metro)
Sept. 25: Detroit (St. Andrews Hall)
Sept. 27: New York (Terminal 5)
Sept. 28: Boston (House of Blues)
Sept. 30: Washington, D.C. (9:30 Club)
Oct. 1: Philadelphia (Trocadero)
Oct. 3: Atlanta (CW Center Stage)
Oct. 5: Dallas (Granada Theatre)
Oct. 6: Houston (Warehouse Live)
Oct. 7: Austin (La Zona Rosa)
Oct. 9: Tempe, Ariz. (Marquee)
Oct. 10: Anaheim, Calif. (House of Blues)
Oct. 11: Los Angeles (Fonda Theatre)
Oct. 13: San Francisco (Fillmore)
Oct. 15: Spokane, Wash. (Knitting Factory)
Oct. 16: Seattle (Paramount Theatre)

Of course, no one talks to the little guys who’d been toiling away on this stuff for months. But, what can you do?

And here’s the link for ordering tickets for the Anaheim show:



Sunny Day Real Estate in Anaheim on October 10th

Another day, another email post of SDRE updates.
This time, the Anaheim date that @chriscantore dropped a hint at on Twitter is on the table. Here’s the word from House of Blues Anaheim:

On Sale Saturday: Down 8/1, Collective Soul 9/10, Happy Mondays & Psychedelic Furs 9/19, Sunny Day Real Estate 10/10!
1 minute ago from TwitterFon

HOB Anaheim


Tickets are on sale this Saturday. No word yet from the Anaheim House of Blues website on the details for purchasing tickets.

I think the funniest thing about this show is the Anaheim HOB is a part of the Disneyland monolith…

Sunny Day Real Estate reunion shows come in by the baleful…

There’s been a blizzard of Sunny Day Real Estate gigs today, and it’s been interesting to track them down through all the social networking sites (and you can see the chain of events in a handful of my previous entries).

Take a look at what’s cropped up in the past few hours:

The Ogden Theatre in Denver has announced it in a variety of fashions. 1st via Twitter:

Picture 22

2nd via Facebook:

Picture 21

And info on the tickets and when they go on sale (Saturday) are available at the Ogden Theatre website.

Last.Fm also now claims that SDRE will be performing at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland as part of MusicFest NW, but the websites for MusicFest and Crystal Ballroom are currently mum.

I guess the secret is out, huh.

Another SDRE presale listing, this time Atlanta

Thank goodness for email posting… otherwise I might not have gotten this stuff up!

Another Sunny Day Real Estate reunion date has been tossed online, this time by the monolith known as Ticketmaster:

United States Of America (1)
• OCT •
Center Stage Theatre
Atlanta, GA
09:00 PM
Sunny Day Real Estate More Info »
presale begins:Fri, 06/26/09
10:00 AM


The presale is this Friday, the 26th, besting the San Francisco date. I’d say Ticketmaster and Live Nation are pretty official… but can we get the ball rolling on Boston? And Chicago? And DC?

Sunny Day Real Estate pre-sale listing on LiveNation Website

Another quick email post and a shout out to my friend Laura, a music fan in San Francisco who was perusing the local concert listings when she found this gem:

Sunny Day Real Estate Concert Tickets
All Ages
Tuesday 10/13/09 at 8:00 PM
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA


That’s right. It’s hard to get much more official than the monopolized organization known as Live Nation. The presale is in 5 days (that’s the 27th), and they’ll be on sale to the general public on the 28th.

So far, it’s the only date up on the Live Nation calendar for SDRE:


So, even though 107.7 The End over in Seattle might have just released the date of the local show (available here:
http://blogs.1077theend.com/aharms/), it (quite unfortunately) can’t get much more official than a Live Nation listing that will allow people to buy tickets in a matter of days.

Can we toss some confetti now?