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Good Ole’ Metro

I rarely read The Metro, the free daily rag in Boston and other US locations (and yes, “rag” is the appropriate term here).

But, the following listing that I peeked at while scrolling through the paper today takes the cake:

‘The NeverEnding Story’
Sunday and Monday
Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St., Cambridge
MBTA: Red Line to Harvard
$8-$10 night, 617-876-6837

Another entry in Brattle’s “Class of 1984,” this fantasy was the trippiest experience a first-grader was allowed to have back in the day. It mostly concerns the story of a boy named Atreyu who ventures through the magical land of Fantasia and encounters giant flying dog-things, werewolves and giant sentient rock-beasts. If it truly was neverending though, he’d probably eventually have started a mediocre emocore band, or something.

Oh silly Metro: Atreyu is a metalcore band, not emo. That’s the “or something” you folks were looking for!